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Long live Rock n' Roll

Jochen Auer is said to be one of the biggest talents of Austrian ski sport in his youth. At the age of only 12 he discovers his love for rock & metal – Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Saxon and Austria's Wolfgang Ambros are his first heroes.

His skiing career finds a quick end in 1988. Metallica play Munich on their "....And Justice For All" Tour and Auer wants to take a break from training in Tyrol in order to see Metallica play live. This plan fails and he is asked to decide between seeing Metallica live or staying in the ski team. The decision is made quickly – METALLICA LIVE ARE A LIFE-ALTERING EXPERIENCE! From then on he knows that his life is dedicated to show business.

Without money – but with lots of nerve, Jochen Auer enters show business in 1991 at the age of 19. He founds his first company and starts to organize concerts on his own risk in his hometown of Bad Ischl. Opus, Holy Moses, Belphegor, Fear Factory, Pungent Stench and many other small rock and metal concerts are being held. The journey however soon heads into another and bigger direction.

Together with his „old" friend Stefan Hattinger Jochen Auer opens his first café – the rock café "Underground" in Wels. One year later they open the rock disco "Soundgarden" in Linz. The two local heroes of the Austrian metal scene organize shows with Slayer, Machine Head, Paradise Lost and many others. At the first Underground Festival in 1995 with Biohazard, Dog Eat Dog and many others, Jochen Auer has the idea for the first Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe – the first tattoo event in Austria! An idea that changes Jochen's life massively.

November 1995 – the first Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe opens its doors at 12pm sharp. And nobody – except for Jochen Auer – thought it was possible – a massive cue stands in front the gates! 12000 visitors storm the Messehallen in Wels on this first November weekend of 1995. This is the beginning of an incredible 8-year-tour, which takes Wildstyle through many European countries. At the end of the first tour, after 8 years and over 1,2 million visitors - in 2003 it's time for a break.

During those 8 years Auer experiences all highs and lows of show business – with everything that goes with it. Massive tax problems at the turn of the millennium cause him to say goodbye to the tax paradise Campione and other places and he goes back to his birth place of Bad Ischl. From there he starts his new career in 2001. With the founding of the catering company Stage Culinarium he has one goal from the very beginning on – to lead the market in the categories star, artist and crew catering. The goal is reached in 2003 and since then Stage Culinarium has been catering between 300 and 400 shows Europe-wide every year. Stage Culinarium's references include the Who is Who of international show business: Metallica, Pink, Rihanna, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Guns n' Roses, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga and thousands of others.

In 2010 – Stage Culinarium is still on top – Jochen Auer decides to bring his „baby" - the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe - back to life. Just in time for its 15-year-anniversary he starts the "Reunion Of The Original" Tour in Vienna and goes on the road. The production reaches a size that does not have to hide before any international show production. A touring party of 400 people travels from city to city - with the goal to make the world more colorful and more tolerant.

Auer makes „FESTIVAL OF TOLERANCE" the motto of Wildstyle.

In the course of the years Jochen Auer creates many products, productions and projects. E.g. the book – WILDSTYLE – The History Of A New Idea – in cooperation with Clayton Patterson, or the DVD "Clayton Patterson – from the Underground and below" or the MUSEUM OF BODY CULTS. The show productions CIRCUS OF ROCK, THE MODERN PRIMITIVES FREAKSHOW or the Club Wildstyle & The Modern Primitives DJ Set.

Since 2013 Auer has been publishing the WILDSTYLE & TATTOO MAGAZINE – Austria's first Lifestyle & Tattoo magazine – and at the end of October he also opens the first Wildstyle & Tattoo studio in his hometown of Bad Ischl.

In April of 2013 the idea to produce a „Wildstyle Music CD"is born. And just like in 1995 nobody gave this idea a chance. All the more so Jochen Auer is fascinated by the idea and starts to realize it...and 1 year later it is ready:

The idea turned into a 3 CD Box with 33 songs of stars and bands from all over the world. 23 of those songs were written and recorded especially and exclusively for the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe.

The album WILDSTYLE & TATTOO MUSIC – The Ultimate Tattoo Sound PT 1. is released on April 4th 2014 - just like planned.

Already in its first week the album enters the Austria Top 40 charts as the highest new entry at #3. Incredible!
...and this with only rock and metal songs – even more incredible!!
So far the album has been in the charts for 4 weeks!

Since June 2014 Jochen Auer is NYC – ACKER AWARD winner!
Jochen Auer received the international ACKER AWARD for his contribution to the avant-garde art community. Among other things he got it for bringing together many different artists and cultures from lots of different countries and continents.

In September 2014 Auer expands his company's headquarter and builds his own concert and event location "HOUSE OF WILDSTYLE" and opens "WORLD'S SMALLES TATTOO STUDIO", a mobile studio that indeed is the smallest tattoo studio in the world!

Since March 2015 Auer's idea „WILDSTYLE TATTOO CONTEST – ONLINE" is up and running – and in its first week has already been accepted with big interest by the colorful society.

When in April 2015 the „20 Years Of Wildstyle" tour starts, Jochen Auer will have already lived at least 3 lives! With EVERYTHING that goes with it!!

Jochen Auer's career is nothing like the norm – neither are his projects. The unique always has to be paramount – THIS IS THE LAW!

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